A Place You Can Call Home

Nestled in 40 acres, Northern Residence, provides country living all while being only 15 minutes from Superior. We offer a small community that allows our staff to focus on our residents wants and needs. Our meals are all home cooked tailor made for each residents. Our facility has private rooms and two bathrooms with one having a sit down Jacuzzi bath allowing any resident a relaxing bath. Northern Residence is staffed 24 hours a day with the house manager and family living on sight. We provide activities and religious services to residents who wish to participate.

Being a small facility also allows us to retain staff and allow them to work without the stress associated with a nursing home. Outside residents can take a walk through one of a few manicured walking trails. Hospital visits and check ups are attended with staff and medications are organized, and if at the request of our residents, administered.

Here at Northern Residence we believe in a family environment with personal one on one care and providing as much or as little assistance as wanted. We are not a nursing home we are Northern Residence.